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Little Luxury Island Blog

Leslie – A Shark Attack The Day After We Left!

  You know that feeling when you come within screeching centimeters of a fatal car accident? Maybe by serendipitous timing, you avoid some force of nature and your skiing holiday ends the day before the avalanche, or a hurricane hits your favorite Caribbean island hotel the year after your honeymoon? Or maybe it’s a wild [...]

Leslie goes to Vancouver for the weekend!

Americans love making fun of Canadians. It’s so easy, with them wearing so much flannel and living way up there in a massive, empty forest with more bears than people, and just generally not being very important. But we only make fun of them because we’re a bunch of bullies and the truth is, we [...]

Leslie is brewing up a storm in Seattle!

      I’m starting to realize that we Seattlites are snobs about a lot of things… organic food, big mountains, and definitely beer. In this city, “microbrew” is synonymous with “beer.” You don’t go to a bar and order Budweiser, or even Guinness. That stuff is available in any city in the world. Instead, [...]

Skinny Dipping, Volcanoes & Vitamin R? Leslie is out in North West USA!

Seattle winters are long, gray and wet from the drizzling rain clouds that hover over the city. The clouds sit there because of the geography of the region; Seattle is surrounded by mountains that trap the moist ocean air over the city. But if you grow up in the Pacific Northwest, you forgive the storm [...]

Leslies on a road trip around Seattle – on 2 wheels!

Cycle trips are the new All-American road trip in the Pacific Northwest. The weather is sunny but not too hot and the mountains are lush and green from the previous nine months of rain. The best part about cycling is, instead of filling a car with gallons of gasoline, our bikes run on pounds of [...]

Leslie shows you how to turn winter to summer in 12 hours!

  I am taking a break from the Southern Hemisphere winter, jetting back to my hometown of Seattle, Washington for three weeks of summer, family and friends. I love Seattle. And in my biased opinion, we live in the very best spot in the city: floating on the lake in a house boat! Houseboats are [...]

Wine & Winter – South Africa Style!

I didn’t want to believe it back in February when it was 30 degrees and sunny every day but winter really does come to Cape Town. And when winter came, I realized that the city sits at 34° South, with nothing but an expanse of Southern Ocean separating me from the Antarctic winds. Unfortunately, the [...]

Rocks on Rocks on Rocks

A year ago, I came to South Africa to visit a friend and went on an epic road trip that covered a large portion of the country. I took thousands of pictures. Thousands of pictures of what? Well, the majority of my photos were of one of three things: breathtaking sunsets, blurry trees (it’s hard [...]

Catching Air in Tokai, South Africa!

I’m not a big fan of falling. But if you live in Cape Town and you don’t do any extreme sports, you’re missing out. Not wanting to miss out on any part of my South African experience, I have risen to the challenge of several activities I never thought I would agree to. As an [...]

Namibia Safaris

Namibia is less well known as a safari destination than neighbouring Botswana and South Africa. However, it is part of the territory of many large game species that move through Southern Africa, unaware of the political boundaries that may result in drastic changes in protection as they cross borders. Namibia offers excellent game viewing opportunities [...]