Luxury Holidays to Borneo

This mythical island is one of the largest in the world. Featuring high mountains, a vast river system and dense rainforest, as well as pristine coastline and islands, it is not only a biodiversity hotspot, but also rich in history. Today, the island is broken into distinct areas. The states of Sabah and Sarawak are Malaysian regions on the northern coast; other parts belong to Indonesia, and even Brunei.


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Borneo Holidays – Fantastic Tours and Exotic Beaches.

Adventure tours take visitors on trips to come face to face with some of Borneo’s exotic wildlife, which includes large numbers of endangered birds and animals. Orangutans, Malaysian tigers, clouded leopards and the Sumatran rhino are just some of the wonderful beasts that you might see on safari. Jungle treks and mountain bike rides lead through lush National parks, cut through by clear rivers, which can be traversed by boat. Borneo is dotted with fascinating local communities that still live traditional lives seemingly untouched by the modern world. But, there is plenty of contemporary luxury too. Exclusive lodges catering to international tastes can be found in the interior and along the coast, and there are a number of five star hotels – even one with six stars.



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